Editors' Picks (26/10/14)

1. A Fox on a Fishing Expedition, by Saikat Datta, Outlook

2. Surveillance Self-Defense Toolkit, by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

3. Bitcoin Regulation in Japan, by Kevin Cruz, Bitcoin Magazine.

4. Hungary Wants to Tax Internet Data Transfers, Colin Lecher, The Verge.

5. BBC to publish ‘Right to be Forgotten’ removals list, Dave Lee, BBC.

(Video Link): Lawrence Lessig’s Interview of Edward Snowden, Berkman Centre for Internet and Society..

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DHC on Jurisdiction in E-Commerce: WWE v. M/S. Reshma Collection

(Image Source: https://flic.kr/p/KcswR)

In a judgement dated 15th October 2014, the Delhi High Court has decreed, in the case of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. v. M/S Reshma Collection, that if you buy an item in Delhi through online retail, Delhi courts have the jurisdiction to hear disputes in relation to your shopping. This post analyses the reasoning employed in the judgment, and concludes by discussing certain issues brought to the fore by the case, including Forum Shopping, Email contracts, and Online Dispute Resolution.

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Editors' Picks (19/10/14)

Microsoft Toes The Line, Cuts Skype Local Landline/Mobile Calls within India

(Image Source: https://flic.kr/p/cPfdNw)

Skype has recently taken the decision to end support for calls to local mobile and landline numbers from its VoIP service, effective from November 10 this year. The Skype support page notes that its decision only applies to calls made within India; users outside Indian borders can continue to call numbers in India, and similarly users in India can continue to call numbers abroad.

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Shaasthra: IIT Madras International Symposium on Healthcare

A little bit about us:

Shaastra, Asia’s largest student run festival, is the annual technical festival of IIT MadrasIt is the first ISO 9001:2008 certified student-organized technical festival.

Shaastra is scheduled to be held between the 3rd and 6th of January 2015. Cash prizes worth Rs. 60,000 to be won! SymposiumPoster

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