Consent to Cookie: Analysis of European ePrivacy Regulations

This article is an analysis of the newly passed ‘Regulation on Privacy and Electronic Communications’ passed by the European Union.

A huge part of our daily life now revolves around the usage of websites and communication mediums like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. The suddenness with which these services have become popular left law-making authorities with little opportunity to give directions to these companies and regulate their actions. For the large part these services worked on the basis of self-regulation and on the terms and conditions which consumers accepted. These services gave people access to their machinery for free, in return for personal data about the consumer. This information is later sold to advertisers who later on send ‘personalised’ advertisements to the consumer on the basis of the information received.

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DHC on Jurisdiction in E-Commerce: WWE v. M/S. Reshma Collection

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In a judgement dated 15th October 2014, the Delhi High Court has decreed, in the case of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. v. M/S Reshma Collection, that if you buy an item in Delhi through online retail, Delhi courts have the jurisdiction to hear disputes in relation to your shopping. This post analyses the reasoning employed in the judgment, and concludes by discussing certain issues brought to the fore by the case, including Forum Shopping, Email contracts, and Online Dispute Resolution.

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