Editors' Picks (14/12/2014)

Digital India: the Draft Internet of Things Policy (and an aside on the NOFN)

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In October this year, the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) of the Ministry of Communications and IT quietly released a Draft Internet of Things (IoT) Policy, the feedback period for which closed on the 31st of October. The Policy is a part of the current government’s Digital India initiative, focusing on developing the academic, infrastructural and regulatory capacities of the country in the IoT sector. The draft policy is available here. This post is a short summary of the report, a sort of TL;DR. If you don’t want to read the details, just read the first section, Wrap-Up, which also has an interesting side note on the National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN). (Anything which I found personally interesting has been marked bold).

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Thoughts on 3D Printing: Possibilities and Regulations

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3D Printing in India
3D printing in india was initially quite stagnant, but a sudden boom in 3D printing startups has created a whole culture of 3D printer industries. Most of the Indian startups aim to make a cost effective 3D printer. While they currently aim at industries, they will soon design products for regular people as they try to make their printers cheaper. As of right now, our economy prefers cheap over high quality.
Restrictions on 3D Printers
The reasons for regulating 3D printers have been covered by Kartik in his post here

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