The Indo-Us Solar Panel Dispute and The Glaring Lack of a WTO Framework To Address Environmental Concerns


In the 2016 Indo-US dispute pertaining to Indian schemes relating to solar cells and solar modules (WT/DS456/AB/R), the WTO Appellate Body ruled against India for favouring domestically sourced solar panels over international panels, despite India raising issues relating to energy security and the environment.

Rather than critique the Appellate Body’s reasoning, I have chosen to critique the broader WTO legal framework in so far as it fails to provide sufficient flexibility for member nations to further energy security and environmental objectives. I have chosen the 2016 Indo-US dispute for the purposes of illustration, as it helps in clear identification of the interests that lack sufficient protection in the present regime.

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Blockchain and Virtual Reality—A Heavenly Merger?

[Ed Note : The following post has been authored by guest contributor Davor Gasparevic. As Davor puts it, he is a writing virtuoso with several years of experience across a wide range of online industries, and has established himself as a crucial contributor for several online businesses and startups.]

At first glance, the convergence of Virtual Reality (VR) with Blockchain might seem like the most unnatural merger in technological history. On one hand, you have two fast-rising superstar platforms that both fascinate and capture the imagination of millions, but on the other, the two technologies started as completely disparate in terms of their aims and scopes.  After all, blockchain started out as a decentralized ledger system for tracking cryptocurrency, and VR was developed for entertainment purposes. Combining them and creating something truly unprecedented might be seen as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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