Editor's Picks (11/1/2015)

1. The Creepy ‘Black Mirror’ Universe Could Be Closer Than You Realize, Sara Bobitz. Huffington Post.

2. A Cyberattack Has Caused Confirmed Physical Damage for the Second Time Ever, Kim Zetter, Wired.

3. CES 2015: Toyota opens up hydrogen patents, BBC News.

4. Mumbai police block over 650 controversial Charlie Hebdo posts on social media,  FP Staff, FirstPost India.

5. StartupBlink maps startups, accelerators and coworking spaces around the globe, Abhimanyu Ghoshal, TheNextWeb.

6. Does the Internet of Things herald an era of digital feudalism?, G. Sampath, LiveMint.

7. Thom Yorke made as much as $20M from his BitTorrent experiment, Matthew Ingram, Gigaom.


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