Editors' Picks (14/12/2014)

1. Cases that will define the contours of Free Speech over the Internet in India, CCG NLU-D,

2. Government admits that S. 66 A is prone to abuse, Supreme Court says the Section lacks guidelines, by Gaurav Pathak, LiveLaw.

3. India can do better than this luddite response to Uber, by Apar Gupta, Quartz India.

3. Surprise: Spanish Newspapers Beg Government And EU To Stop Google News Shutting Down, Glyn Moody, TechDirt.

4. The Web’s Inventor Says Affordable Internet Should Be A ‘Human Right’, by Sylvia Hui, Huffington Post.

5. Leaked email reveals secret anti-piracy meeting between Google, Sony, and Homeland Security, by Russell Brandom, The Verge.


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