Editors' Picks (02/11/2014)

1. Google is Not What it Seems, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks.

2. Hungary’s Orban puts Internet tax on hold after huge protests, Kriztina Than and Marton Dunai, Reuters.

3. Good Intentions, Recalcitrant Text – I: Why India’s Proposal at the ITU is Troubling for Internet Freedoms, Geeta Hariharan, CIS-India.

4. Good Intentions, Recalcitrant Text – II: What India’s ITU Proposal May Mean for Internet Governance, Geeta Hariharan, CIS-India.

4. Andhra: Student held for Facebook post on cyclone Hudhud, PTI, Hindustan Times.

5. Wireless carriers are rolling out a horrible new way to track you, Russell Brandom, the Verga

6. Elon Musk Compares Building Artificial Intelligence To “Summoning The Demon”, Greg Kamparak, TechCrunch.

7. So Facebook controls the way millions of people get their news. What should we do about it?, Matthew Ingram, Gigaom.

8. Free Press: Legally Dubious Hybrid Proposals Won’t Protect Internet Users, Timothy Karr, freepress.

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