Shaasthra: IIT Madras International Symposium on Healthcare

A little bit about us:

Shaastra, Asia’s largest student run festival, is the annual technical festival of IIT MadrasIt is the first ISO 9001:2008 certified student-organized technical festival.

Shaastra is scheduled to be held between the 3rd and 6th of January 2015. Cash prizes worth Rs. 60,000 to be won! SymposiumPoster

About the IIT Madras International Symposium on Healthcare: 

Over the past years, our Symposium has been a platform for discussion and debate among the visionaries of today and the leaders of tomorrow. 

The Symposium is open to students from various academic backgrounds, including medicine, law, technology and the humanities.
Do see the brochure (available here) for more information. 

Our theme:

This year, our theme of “Transforming Healthcare” aims to discuss healthcare in India, and to arrive at possible solutions in two main areas:

1. Technology – Here, the mentors will discuss the advanced technology available today, the influence of big data on healthcare and the repercussions of using excessive technology in healthcare.

2. Policy – The structural roadblocks in place which restrict access to healthcare, including government policy (IPR, affordable insurance etc) and social determinants of health, like gender will be discussed in this track.

Participants would be chosen based on their answers to a few questions on the healthcare system of their country. To view these questions and register for the event, please click here.
The deadline for registering is 20th October 2014.

To have a glimpse at what’s in store, do check out the teaser.
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Please feel free to write back to us at in case you have any queries.

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