A Statement of Purpose

The Tech Law Forum aims, essentially, to provide a platform for opinions, comments, and responses – a platform for discussions and debates on all issues relating to Technology Law, with a specific focus on India. We chose the Forum’s existing format due to the constantly evolving nature of technological advances, and the necessarily immediate, or even better, proactive, nature of responses to such developments. The Forum aims to serve as a place for students, academicians and practitioners from the fields of technology and law, both, to discuss relevant issues. At the same time, the Forum also aims to provide a ready commentary on recent developments in the field from its own Editors, and to link readers to other interesting resources and articles.

We also aim to create a The Commons, a diverse and cohesive collection of  links to Creative Commons and Public Domains resources related to Tech Law,  for anyone who needs them.

To get started, mail us at techlawforum.nalsar@gmail.com.